Studia Theologica, 2009 (roč. 11), číslo 3

Christian Theology and Religion

Teologie stvoření člověka a paleoantropologie

The Theology of Creation of Man and Paleoanthropology

Ctirad Václav Pospíšil

Studia Theologica 2009, 11(3):1-9

The author asks himself, how to reconcile the ontological jump, i.e. infusion of the soul into the body prepared by the evolution, with the non-dualistic message of the Scriptures and the corresponding teaching of the Magisterium. The author sees another dilema between the Christian anthropology on one side and the discoveries of paleoanthropology on the other side. This leads to the concern about the criteria for the acknowledgement of the individuals at a certain stage in the evolution of man as human beings. It seems likely that the process of hominisation was gradual and that God created man through evolution both in the corporal as well as in...

Svědectví o Ježíšově vzkříšení v 1 Kor 15,1-11

The Testimony to the Resurrection of Jesus in 1 Cor 15:1-11

Petr Mareček

Studia Theologica 2009, 11(3):10-36

The death and resurrection of Jesus are not only the heart of the Christian profession of faith but are also the main themes of the Church's preaching. This is witnessed by the apostle Paul in his First Letter to the Corinthians (ca. 55 A.D.) which contains in 1 Cor 15:1-11 what seems to be the oldest Christian profession of faith. This passage, including 1 Cor 15:3b-5, is presented by Paul as the kernel of the Gospel which he himself received and which he in turn preached to others. In this way, Paul demonstrates that Christian preaching is essentially the "transmission of the Gospel!" Transmitted in this fashion, the Gospel centers on four realities...

Arnošt Konstantin Růžička: josefinista a febronián? Pokus o revizi pohledu na osobnost druhého českobudějovického biskupa v kontextu současné diskuse

Arnošt Konstantin Růžička - Josephinist or Febronian?

Rudolf Svoboda

Studia Theologica 2009, 11(3):37-47

This study concerns the problem of the evaluation of persons living in times of Josephinism by catholic church historians from second half of 20th century in the context of discussion about the approach of Josephinism. In the recent decades, this question has not obtained appropriate attention among catholic historiographers. Vide the treatment of the second bishop of České Budějovice Arnošt Konstantin Růžička (1761-1845) the study shows, how far the understanding of the Josephinist age has influenced the views of researchers. The author confronts these views with the results of current researches and shows a perspective for forthcoming scholarly examination...

Od vědecké exegeze k psaní beletrie. Biblické romány Vincenta Zapletala OP

From Scientific Exegesis to Novel Writing: The Bible Novels by Vincent Zapletal OP

Tomáš Petráček

Studia Theologica 2009, 11(3):48-62

Fr Vincent Zapletal OP (1867-1938), a Czech Old Testament scholar, is one of the most important pioneers of the historic-critical method in catholic exegesis. As with many others, even he had to search for another field of interest during the era of modernist crisis. During the 1920s, Fr Zapletal published six biblical novels, written in German, in which he gave an account of the lives of the great figures of the Old Testament: Moses, David, Joseph. The paper studies the motivation for writing these novels, their literary qualities, the censorship of the novels and the reception of the novels after they were published.

Přesvědčovací akce "svlékni hábit" ve světle archivních materiálů

Coercive Operation "Take off your Habit" in the Light of Archival Documents

Martin Weis

Studia Theologica 2009, 11(3):63-76

This study, predominantly based on archive materials, brings to light a chapter of the church history which is relatively poorly researched. It uses an investigatory method to demonstrate the efforts of the communist state power in Czechoslovakia to liquidate or at least radically restrict the existence of women's orders in the 1950s. False and artificially fabricated law-suits with top church dignitaries and the representatives of orders were accompanied by administrative restrictions of nuns' activities followed by their forceful relocation to special "centralized monasteries". Along with these measures, the representatives of the state power at...

Právní a pastorační aspekty formálního odpadu od katolické církve

Legal and Pastoral Aspects of Actus formalis defectionis ab Ecclesia catholica

Marie Kolářová

Studia Theologica 2009, 11(3):77-87

This article deals with the statement of Pontifical council for legislative texts in the case of the essentials for leaving the Church by a formal act. Not all such acts of defections should be interpreted as a true and willful separation from the Church (e.g .just to escape the obligation to pay the church tax most likely is not an act of reneging of the doctrinal teaching). Therefore the reason of defection from the Church has always to be examined. The point has close connection with marriage law by reason that a fallen away Catholic does not need to observe the canonical form of marriage. In the cases of the declaration of the nullity of marriage,...

K problematice dědičného hříchu. Odpověď Štěpánu Filipovi

An Answer to Štěpán Filip

Tomáš Machula

Studia Theologica 2009, 11(3):88-90

Kolega Štěpan Filip v minulem čisle Studia theologica reaguje na můj članek a nesouhlasi přitom se dvěma body. Jedna se o otazku dogmatizace prvotniho hřichu a o misto biblicke exegeze při porozuměni dogmatu. Oba body spolu do značne miry souvisi. Dřive než se k těmto bodům dostanu, rad bych na uvod podotkl, že bych se přimlouval za kolegialni čteni textů, ktere nedomyšli věci k horšimu, a za věcny a nementorsky přistup k diskutujicimu.



Petr Balcárek, Petr Chalupa, Pavel Kopeček, Zdeněk Duda, Jaroslav Franc, Marek Otisk, Jana Plátová, Pavel Ambros

Studia Theologica 2009, 11(3):91-112

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