Studia Theologica, 2008 (roč. 10), číslo 3

Christian Theology and Religion

Vliv laiků v církvi v 11. století

Influence of the Laity in the Church in the 11th Century

Marek Matějek

Studia Theologica 2008, 10(3):1-18

The Gregorian Reform marked a significant turnover of the hitherto common order and the religious forms. The change evoked by this reform cannot be regarded as revolutionary; it is rather a continuous transition process. The period of investiture controversy was more than an era of conflicts between ecclesiastical and secular rulers, but of efforts to eliminate the principal deficiencies afflicting the Church. Based on an analysis of information sources in the 2nd half of the 11th century, an appeal for return to the original conditions of the Church on the territory of the Italian Peninsula not only among the clergymen but also among the laymen became...

Proces založení českobudějovického biskupství v letech 1783-1789

The Process of the Establishment of the Episcopacy in České Budějovice between 1783-1789

Rudolf Svoboda

Studia Theologica 2008, 10(3):19-40

This study surveys the process of the establishment of the diocese of České Budějovice. It is possible to look at this process in different time perspectives: From a long-term perspective it is a result of a half-century effort of the Habsburg monarchs to improve the situation of a church authority in the territory of the Prague archdiocese or, subsequently, in the whole empire. From a short-term point of view we consider this process a consequence and part of a reformatory process begun during the reign of Marie Teresa and Joseph II in the enlightenment period. In the shortest perspective this study describes the establishment of the episcopacy as...

Pastorální teologie na přelomu devatenáctého a dvacátého století. Diakonické prvky v pastorálce Antonína Skočdopole

Pastoral Theology on the Turn of the 19th and the 20th Century. Diaconal Components in the Pastoral Text by Antonín Skočdopole

Alois Křišťan

Studia Theologica 2008, 10(3):41-48

The text deals with the history of pastoral theology, within the period on the turn of the 19th and the 20th century. During that time, Antonín Skočdopole, the teacher at the Theological Institute in České Budějovice, had written the textbook of pastoral theology. The text of this article documents the characteristics of that given period, as formulated by other authors mainly on the basis of the German textbooks. The text shows how Antonín Skočdopole's textbook reflected these given characteristics, while at the same time defying some components. The article shows, that Diacony and Charity have not the right place in Skočdopole's textbook. At the...

Plán akce pro vydávání českých vysokoškolských příruček bohovědných. Stav české katolické teologie v letech 1949-1950

Plan for Publishing Czech University Handbooks of Theology: Status of the Czech catholic Theology in Years 1949-1950

Vojtěch Novotný

Studia Theologica 2008, 10(3):49-63

The study describes the endeavour of the Archbishop of Olomouc Josef Karel Matocha (1888-1961) during the preparation of the Czech university textbooks of theology and its context in the course of history. In this way it discovers the concept and the method of theology that was considered desirable during the years 1949-1950 by the local Church and also by the circle of the academics who were respected as the representatives of the "sacred sciences" at that time. From this point of view it is necessary to understand the study as a part of a wider prolegomena in the history of the Bohemian catholic theology in the second half of the 20th century.

A Common Word - Rovné slovo pro vás i pro nás. Úvod do dokumentu a poznámky překladatele

Common Word

Jarosław Pastuszak, Jaroslav Franc

Studia Theologica 2008, 10(3):64-70



René Milfait, Josef Šrámek, Tomáš Machula

Studia Theologica 2008, 10(3):90-98