Studia Theologica 2009, 11(1):70-79

Křes»anská a buddhistická spiritualita - dialog v jinakosti

Karel Sládek

Christian and Buddhist Spirituality - the dialogue in diversity

The dialog between Christianity and Buddhism became the prompt of the 20th Century. Christians in the dialog with Buddhists remind themselves of the wealth of ways of meditations in their own tradition, while looking at the Buddhist ascetical practice. Buddhists in spiritual meeting with Christians inspire themselves to horizontal love to the fellow, which arises from the vertical contact with the love of God. The meeting with the Christian's love encourages the interest in the affairs of this world, as is evidenced by today's activities of Buddhists in the fight for human rights. Christians and Buddhists together turn to the world to advocate the human rights, the justice and the peace of the world - to near the reality of Kingdom of God.

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