Studia Theologica 2009, 11(1):42-59

Olomoucký arcibiskup ThDr. Theodor Kohn ve zprávách vídeňské nunciatury zasílaných Svatému stolci

Jitka Jonová

Archbishop of Olomouc ThDr. Theodor Kohn in the Reports of Viennese Nunciature Sent to the Holy See

The Nunciature in Vienna ensured communication between all dioceses of Austria-Hungary and the Holy See. During the period of the episcopate of ThDr Theodor Kohn as the archbishop of Olomouc/Olmütz(1892-1904), four nuncios took turns in Vienna: Galimberti (1887-1893), Agliardi (1893-1896), Taliani (1896-1903) and Di Belmonte (1904-1911). From their reports to the Vatican, we can find out the views of these nuncios and also those of the Holy See on the particular significant events in the archdiocese of Olomouc concerning Theodor Kohn, such as his election as the archbishop of Olomouc (Theodor Kohn had no aristocratic ancestry, but Jewish and Czech commoner's origins) and the subsequent affairs (fueled by Czech-German nationality conflicts etc.) - all that ending in the resignation of Theodor Kohn as the archbishop of Olomouc. We can also recognize from the reports that the nuncios and the Holy See had good information and that they endeavoured to find the best solution of the serious state of affairs in the archdiocese of Olomouc.

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