Studia Theologica 2015, 17(3):119-131 | DOI: 10.5507/sth.2015.031

Kolegialita a primát v Lumen gentium: jejich recepce v českém exilu a v mezinárodní teologii

Karel Skalický, Karel Skalický

Collegiality and Primacy in Lumen Gentium: Their Reception in the Czech Exile and International Theology

The article deals with the Papal Primacy and the collegiality of Bishops in the light of Lumen Gentium constitution and how this issue was reflected in Czech exile theology and international theology. The Second Vatican Council does not clearly state whether the supreme power in the Church belongs to one or two holders. It also does not precisely defines the relationship between the Pope and the College of Bishops. The present text reflects on attitudes to this open question adopted by three Czech exiles: V. Boublík, A. Heidler and K. Skalický. The article consequently presents possible answers to the question of whether there are one or two holders of supreme servant power, both having found their supporters among prominent foreign theologians. The author points to facts that perhaps were not taken sufficiently into account in the search for the answer. Finally, he provides his own opinion. The supreme servant power belongs fully both to the Pope and the College of Bishops and there are therefore two holders. The theses outlined above and resulting in this conclusion are viewed as dynamic, complementary instances. The author does not come to this solution through law power logic, but through a personalist theological logic of love.

Zveřejněno: říjen 2015


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